I’m currently spending the year between undergrad and grad school living and working at home. As can be expected, I have a lot of free time on my hands, during which I read books, watch Lifetime movies, and keep up with all sorts of pop culture minutiae.  Sometimes, I think these things communicate something important about our culture and our values, and I write about it. Other times, I just find these things hilarious or maddening, and I write (incoherently) about that as well. Most of the time, both things are at work in one post.

Basically, I use this blog to write about whatever ideas I’m playing around with at that moment, which means that I send less rant-filled emails to my family and friends. I write because I enjoy it, but obviously, this is not a journal which I’m trying to keep under lock and key. So please leave me comments, especially if is to tell me that I’m wrong about something!


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