My Obsession with the Chase Sapphire Commercial Couple

27 Apr

I’m obsessed with this couple from the Chase ads. I am fascinated by the little glimpses into their marriage that the series of ads give us. I don’t know, they just seem really happy (I assume that they’re real, so don’t ruin it for me).

But this particular ad just puzzles me.  I’m not married, but I assume that it’s not okay to just unilaterally spend your credit card points like that, and then announce to your spouse what you did after the fact. And she spent it on a dress, a dress!!!! It’s especially sad since the husband was hoping to use them for a romantic vacation for the both of them, (and actually asked her about it beforehand) while it appears that she just dropped a couple  grand on a designer dress that only she can fully enjoy.

But he doesn’t seem to be too upset about it, which is either  a testament to his good nature, or to the fact that he’s just used to her being infuriatingly self-centered. In any case, they seem happy, so keep on keepin’ on Chase Sapphire couple!


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